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Create your own watch with our Swiss watch configurator.

Are you looking for a unique, personalised watch that perfectly matches your style and personality? Our Swiss watch configurator allows you to create your own watch by choosing from a wide range of models, materials and features.

You can start from a PREMODEL and modify it, or start from scratch. You can at any time go back to the initial pre-model by licking on the button. Or re-start over.

Here's how to use our Swiss watch configurator to create your own watch:

1. Choice of movement

First choose the type of movement you want.

Quartz classical or chronograph (Ronda 715 & ETA G10), or automatic mechanical movement (Sellita SW200). Suitable for 40mm watches

The quart ladies movements (Ronda 507 mostly) are suitable for 32 and 36mm ladies watches.

Once the movement is chosen, the case can be chosen.

2. Choose your case (model)

Then choose your watch model by choosing a case that will correspond to the movement that you have chosen at the first step.

Please note that only the cases that suit the movement you have chosen are displayed.

We offer a variety of styles, from classic watches to sports watches to women's watches. Each case depending on a particular movement.

Once the case is chosen, the bezels (for this particular case) can be chosen.

3. Chose a bezel

Select your bezel.

Once you have chosen your case, you can select the bezel you prefer for your case.

We offer a wide range of bezel, from the simplest to diamonds bezels (for a few models and ladies watches), with different types of displays.

4. Select the dial

Select your watch face (the dial).

Once you have chosen your watch model, you can select dial you prefer. On Spin Master models, you have to chose a dial ring also.

We offer a wide range of dials, from the simplest to the most complex, with different types of time displays.

5. Select the hands

After having chosen a dial, you can try to visualize all the hands that are fitting your dial.

On chronographs models, different counter hands designs can be chosen.

6. Select you strap or bracelet

Choose your strap.

The strap is an important part of the watch because it can completely change its appearance.

You can choose from different materials such as leather, metal or rubber, as well as different colors and styles to create a unique strap for your watch.

Please note that once your strap is getting old, you can separately re-order them one by one under the STRAP menu.

7. Engrave your backcase with personal message / logo

Customise the watch background (optional).

The watch back is the lower part of the case that is in contact with your wrist.

You can personalise this part with engraving and a unique design to make your watch even more special.

Once your watch is done, you can add it to the shoping cart.

Dont forget to chose the language and the currency you want before to start, in order to have the configurator displaying the price and language accurately.

We hope you will have lot of fun with our watch configurator!