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Jean-Loup Ribordy

What would a company be without the indispensable know-how of a lawyer! Jean-Loup Ribordy is the third member of the trio, and has been there from the beginning. Not only is this native of Valais a co-founder, but he is also a member of the board. His legal background and knowledge of economics make him the ideal person to handle all legal and financial matters. His portfolio includes customer services, and he is responsible for ensuring a first-class and efficient operation in this area.

His professional career has taken him from sales manager in the fashion industry to a short sojourn with an international insurer, and then on to 121TIME. Ribordy is a graduate lawyer and business economist, and has an MBA

Fabrice Deferr

Fabrice Deferr has been the IT and e-commerce director of 121TIME since the beginning of july 2008. He ensures that the company's IT systems are always state-of-the-art. His specialist know-how is so extensive that it covers many specialist areas: IT development, project management, and server and database administration.