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Case back engraving

The case back can also be used to reproduce a logo, a signature or a design. On each 121TIME watch case back there is an area designated for the engraving of a logo and/or message. Please note: the engraving area will vary by style. Different technologies are used.

Diamond or laserengraving, backcase stamped, chemical etching...

Backcase Spirit

Backcase Virtium

Backcase JETLAG

Backcase Grand Raid

Backcase BMW

The option of having your logo or a motto integrated on the side of a watch case.

Side Coca Cola

Side HP


The rotor is of the highest standard, upon which your logo can be engraved for a unique and exclusive touch. The transparent sapphire crystal allows the sight of the mechanical wonder.

Backcaseauto Ritz

Backcase French Army


The sapphire glass is of the highest quality crystal, upon which your logo can be engraved.

The automatic movement range is equipped with a transparent sapphire glass back case. A sapphire crystal is the most expensive, scratch-resistant and durable of all the crystals.

Backcaseauto AVE