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Watch design

 Our customers are significantly involved in the design of a new watch collection, because as users of our watch design configurator they are also co-designers.

Communication with visitors to our web site, and quick recognition of customer requirements form the basis for a new and successful watch design.

Our designers use this information to create a watch style that is based on the technical and functional data from the development team consisting of watch engineers and watchmakers.

As soon as the design has been decided on, the engineers start with the technical construction. The watch design is calculated in a three dimensional manner by means of high-tech computer programs, and optimised again in this way. The first prototype is then based on this calculation.

Once intensive tests have been successfully conducted on the prototypes and all technical aspects have been checked, the serial production of the watch components can begin.

All 121TIME Swiss watches are individually made to order by one of our qualified watchmakers and leave the studio of the watchmaker only after having passed quality control

121TIME works with a well-established team of top-class Swiss watch designers, watch developers and watch engineers who are able to meet our high standards of quality, innovation and design.