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Mass Customization

Customer-specific manufacture of mass products is known as 'mass customization'.This is an innovative business model that is increasingly being used worldwide, and is also employed by 121TIME for Swiss watches. Well-known companies such as Dell and Nike are already using this model successfully. Meeting the individual requirements of the customer is always a priority. 121TIME has a significant advantage in that the company is able to react to new trends at extremely short notice or even to set new trends. This is achieved by using a central warehouse and manufacturing watches individually. Long-term development and production costs are particularly relevant in the watch industry.

In this model, the customer becomes a co-designer and is integrated into the process of service provision to some degree by means of suitable interface such as the Internet. Standardised and tailored modular components are combined in a customer-specific end product. In this manner, the business model moves from a 'design for customer' to a 'design by customer'.