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Swiss Made quality & service


Worldwide service centers:

We have set up our service centers at strategic locations around the globe to be able to guarantee you first-class customer service. All service and maintenance activity on our watches and chronographs is performed by qualified specialists. If you have questions regarding service and maintenance activities, please contact us.

Repair and exchange conditions

We assure you that we will deal efficiently with your return shipment. You can help speed this up by noting the following information:

Before sending a watch in for repairs please fill in our Repair request form indicating the reason and product identification number on the warranty certificate.

You will be contacted by our customer services department by e-mail within 48 hours and be issued with the authorisation and return address.

Watch manufacture

We'll manufacture your watch according to the 'made-to-order' principle, whereby all the individual parts of your own creation are only assembled into a functional watch by a qualified watchmaker once the order has been placed.

Every component of the watch is checked in detail before being released for final assembly.

In the final phase before the back is screwed onto the casing, the watchmaker adjusts and examines the movement and checks it for timekeeping accuracy.

121TIME manufactures its watches in accordance with the strict processing guidelines stipulated by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FHS

About 'Swiss Made'

121TIME watches are manufactured according to strict 'Swiss Made' quality criteria.

The original 'Swiss Made' designation is protected, and regulated by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry.

A large number of watches manufactured in Switzerland carry the 'Swiss Made' designation along with the manufacturer's brand name. 'Swiss Made' epitomises the soul of a watchmaker nation, which has spanned five centuries. Today it represents a benchmark recognised worldwide for quality, design , precision and craftsmanship that has been perfected over generations.

The Swiss watch industry is preceded by a long history...

It is mentioned for the first time in Geneva around the middle of the 16th century. Today Switzerland is considered to be one of the best watchmaker nations worldwide.