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Emails About Your Order

 After placing your order you'll receive important information from us by e-mail.

  • Order confirmation:

    This e-mail message is a confirmation of receipt of your order. At the same time you'll receive your order number. Please retain this information. When paying on invoice please print the order confirmation e-mail and fax us a signed copy.
  • Delivery confirmation:

    This e-mail confirms dispatch of your watch. You will also receive the tracking number of the courier company. The delivery period varies according to destination, in general between 1 and 4 days are required.
  • Order handling updates:

    This type of e-mail is sent out for various reasons. It could be a notification regarding a delay due to the delivery period being exceeded, a solvency check (in Switzerland this would apply in the event of credit unworthiness when paying on invoice), a credit card error or a cancellation of the order.