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What makes 121TIME unique!

Design your own watch creation is the first Swiss Made quality watchmaking company exclusively accessible on Internet. It offers a direct-to-consumer model and sells watches with an unbeatable price/quality ratio. It revolutionizes the Swiss watch-making industry by offering to the public the opportunity to create and order their own unique Swiss Made watch directly from the watchmaker via Internet (no middle man or shop). It has reinvented the way how ordering, assembling and delivering excellent quality timepieces are conceived in order to surpass expectations of customers.

This is a unique shopping experience to the consumer. Its online configurator enables the mass customization of watches, the ability to offer and produce a watch according to the consumer's desire. 121TIME is the first watch company to offer such a high level of customer participation in the purchase process that creates a unique experience with high emotional content. With its platform, 121TIME can deliver more experience to each customer.

121TIME implements the direct sales and customization model that made the success of Dell, NikeID, Bluenile, Amazon.

Personalize the back of your watch with a message

For a declaration, an event... a personalized touch. You can personalize the back of your watch by adding to it a text and/or a logo which you will have chosen. This option is automatically proposed to you at the end of the process of creation of your watch.

Manufacture direct price

Watches are our passion. In order for us to be able to share our passion with you, you should be able to afford this passion. 121TIME only sells their watches on the home page

The entire distribution channel (e.g. wholesale, watch shops) falls away, as do the associated costs. Consequently, we are able to offer you our Swiss quality watches at an unbeatable price.

Dynamic pricing

When you create your watch in the Design Studio, the price is displayed for you in real time, depending on the components and options you select. In this way, you constantly have control over the design process for the watch - and complete price transparency.

The same transparency also applies to the charges when you order a watch. You will receive an overview of sales tax and possible customs duties even at the purchasing phase.