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Mazarin One

Ground breaking in design. Exceptional in build. Mazarin One - Design Uncompromised. 


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Mazarin Watches is a concept developed by a global team with a shared passion. Uncompromising, relentless passion for watches.

Inspired by West Coast attitude and London style, Mazarin Watches was designed to provide a Swiss made watch that contains intelligent design for the aspirational market. Mazarin watches was developed by three individuals who shared a global outlook and a collective passion, watches.

This dream slowly became a reality by developing designs, sharing sketches and a great deal of determination and motivation. The marriage of form and function was at the core of the Mazarin design. A globally disparate team provided the perspective that led to the creation of Mazarin Watches.

  • $499.00 each

  • $499.00 each

  • $499.00 each

  • $499.00 each

Mazarin Images

  • 11222965_387849264758436_4038194933159323384_n
  • 11822314_384566381753391_6079020434670674940_n
  • 11885376_388263508050345_3629866579197006204_n
  • 11951221_389659154577447_7241113873652613342_n
  • 11960055_391568824386480_7782402468898658680_n
  • 12036921_398414217035274_2403354309168039489_n
  • 12072720_399973266879369_7204158837674798027_n
  • 12107797_405562599653769_8639191799390175461_n
  • 12118692_404201789789850_9105086100009015812_n
  • 12122426_402351076641588_7573369572441155924_n
  • 1238718_403761056500590_1323315961972110107_n
  • 12797657_571984846311580_1485533014_n
  • 13248867_562100417301589_409392796_n
  • 13266654_717257721710005_1818386176_n
  • 13394935_810772295691401_1555084068_n
  • 13557139_1700845296845458_888108142_n
  • 13631417_492549410955087_3276031415645163931_n
  • 13651890_178410109245747_669486719_n
  • 13721069_670736993077876_1416261204_n
  • 14156233_1019616014802270_1784588484_n
  • 14268993_1677276392593041_1378905675_n
  • 14359305_1793476924266670_6887253704387330048_n
  • 14359536_166774813768073_1863370126850523136_n
  • 14360090_309817452718345_2089059138_n
  • 14369134_1116068638477822_4464687468481871872_n
  • 14676761_1805393159684090_4361101992697790464_n
  • 15043562_1791879531030169_3659469731426992128_n
  • 1601425_391569171053112_8762204993484773751_n