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Phase I

Creative Brief

The first development phase initiates the relationship between the client and ITMPCS Sàrl. We study the client’s product vision and style. We evaluate the project work, time and cost, as well as the production and assembling requirements.

Phase II

Creative Design

This step is mainly implementing the creative brief. The designer converts the client’s product vision/concept into drawings. We suggest 2 or 3 designs of the watch. Final corrections are done upon client’s approval, then we prepare the documents required for technical design.

Phase III


The technical requirements for each watch component are set and the technical drawings are created. We then define the watch components specifications to make a first prototype.

Phase IV

Dial prototype is now available and the watch components are ready for initial production once the client has agreed on the parameters of the initial order:

  • A minimum quantity to be produced and a minimum quantity to be assembled
  • Components stock management, production leadtime and assembling leadtime
  • Delivery conditions and after sale service