Being specialized in the realization of private labels, our products are also among the best quality watches you could imagine for corporate gifts. 


121TIMEPIECE realizes the watches of several watch brands and has been chosen by top companies to carry their image, including: Hewlett Packard, Medtronic, Mercedes, BMW, Coca-Cola, ABB, Relais Chateaux, US Navy, Swiss Private Banks,...


Benefit from the expertise gained through the development of the Swiss Made brand 121TIME. You are in direct relation with our manufacturer and therefore benefit from:

  • Advice from certified watchmakers located in Switzerland
  • Factory price and Swiss Made quality 30 days lead time on average to complete an order when all part are in our stocks


121TIME and his team has already been involved in several successful partnerships for the production of Private label watches. What makes us different is that we propose 3 approaches to launch/develop a Private Label:


  • One is to simply start with a collection based on the 121Time brand portfolio, which is rapid and cost efficient. Basically by stamping a logo on existing dials, - or producing a new dial design to fit one of our case (collection). If every watch part is in our stock, a delivery in 2 or 3 weeks is possible.


  • Both others way are to consequently start your own development from scratch. The usual minimum order quantity (MOQ) to create a watch case from scratch is 300 items. Most of target prices can be reached by the way, and we can use Swiss Made or Japanese movements. 


In this process first a tooling is created, then we stamp a piece of steel to give it its final shape and then the case is finished by CNC machine and manual polishing.




Different executions of dials, hands, straps are possible for a same case, like different finishes for the case itself: various coating (Gold or black PVD), chrono or classical execution. 


  • We can also create a new cases by CNC machine only. The minium order quantity is 100 cases and the unit price more expensive than if made by tooling (with MOQ 300 items). Again  we can finish the cases in chronograph or classical execution and make various coating on them. A good approach for higher-end timepieces with mechanical movements.


Please be aware that the development of a new watch is an important and a difficult process. The technical drawing for a new case requires usually between 10 and 15 pages made by a certified engineer. then a tooling must be created according to these plans. The quantity to have the best possible price is 300 items. Lower quantities for a new case model will make the price by unit more important!